COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)– Week three of “Walking Wednesdays” with NBC’s “TODAY” show health and fitness expert Stephanie Mansour wraps up with how to cool down after your walk.

Mansour, a certified personal trainer and life coach, says the stretches you do after you walk are equally as important as the ones before. However, the ones after (demonstrated in the video below) are much slower and even yoga-like with breathwork included in the movements.

Before your walk:

  • Wear bright, weather-appropriate clothing
  • Properly fitting shoes
  • Dynamic stretches (CLICK HERE video demonstration)

During your walk:

  1. Pick a one-word mantra to focus on that encapsulates how you want to feel after your walk (i.e. strong, energized, relaxed)
  2. Mentally list things for which you are grateful when you hit a milestone during your walk.
  3. Pick something to focus on in nature.
  4. Breath in through your nose and out through the mouth to match your pace.

Earlier in June, NBC4 joined TODAY to kick off “Walk the Rock” with Al Roker and Mansour as part of their Start TODAY program which encourages viewers to be active with community support on their popular Facebook group that both Roker and Mansour participate in.