COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)– Ohio State radio announcer Paul Keels has released a children’s book, The Best in the Land: The Story of Brutus, about the Buckeye mascot’s fictional journey to become the face of the team.

“It’s about Brutus Buckeye growing up in the fields of Ohio as a Buckeye nut, and his dream is to want to play for his favorite team — the Ohio State Buckeyes,” Keels describes. “And as he’s eventually able to get to campus and get to college, he doesn’t get on the football team right away, but he does other things to try and help them, and eventually, there’s a need for him to get on the field and play.”

The Story of Brutus is Keel’s third book but first children’s book.

It’s a lesson in perseverance as Brutus becomes a team walk-on.

“Part of the story is him just sticking with it, doing other things to help [the Buckeyes], and eventually, he’s able to achieve his goal,” Keels added. “He’s able to see his dreams come true after the disappointment of not being able to get into the picture the way he wanted to at first.”

Chad Thompson, a Columbus College of Art & Design graduate, illustrates the scarlet and gray-themed book.

“I think the [illustration] that seems to get most attention from people is toward the end in the Michigan game when [Brutus] kind of lays out and has a touchdown catch,” Keels said.

The Best in the Land: The Story of Brutus is on sale at several local Buckeye shops, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

You can watch the full interview with Keels in the video below.