COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Nearing the end of what’s been a violent summer in Colulmbus, families of shooting victims are continuing the call for an end to the violence.

Columbus Police said Brian Robertson II was shot and killed early Friday morning on the east side.

Monday night, family and friends gathered to honor him.

The vigil was held outside the barbershop where Robertson worked and was very well known.

A couple hundred people showed up and they said on top of being a great barber, Robertson was a whole lot more. 

Robertson’s barber chair is now retired, covered in flowers honoring the 30-year-old who helped open Mr. Roberts Cuts.

“The life of the barbershop, the life of the barbershop,” said Pastor Allan Roberts, the owner of Mr. Roberts Cuts. “Brought all the energy and it’s not gonna ever be the same.”

Robertson was one of the barbers who helped Roberts open the shop five years ago.

“It’s not gonna be the same without him,” Roberts said. “Hard worker, here every day, sun up to sun set, and good father.” 

“He was the engine that kept this place running,” said Marlon Roberts.

Around Robertson’s barber chair are pictures. One in front of a school bus. For about two years, he was a bus driver in Columbus. According to loved ones, he was influential in the lives of kids whose hair he cut.

“He was big on education,” Justin Brisco, Robertson’s cousin, said. “He didn’t believe in kids not getting their education. That was one thing he pushed to the kids, make sure they went to school.”

Outside the barbershop where he was so well known, hundreds supported his family, holding up candles and balloons. His little brother wore a shirt with pictures of him. 

“I wish he was here so much,” his brother said. “He was a good dad. A good barber. He didn’t do nothing to nobody.”

Robertson’s family said he was an extremely hard worker for his young daughter. Family and friends said he was well loved, wouldn’t hurt a fly and call his killing senseless. 

“Everybody got ill feelings, please stop,” said his father Brian Robertson. “I’m gonna be the one to stop, I’m telling you all, we ain’t retaliating, we gonna let the police handle this one.”

This was a plea several family members said multiple times during the vigil.

At last check with police, they have not made any arrests in this case yet.