COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Video showing a convicted felon fleeing from his sentencing hearing and jumping off a balcony at the Franklin County Government Center has been released.

The video comes from three courthouse security cameras. In all three, Donald Mullins, 44, of Columbus is shown running from two deputies. He appears to let go of a radio that was secured to one of the deputy’s uniforms before jumping over a balcony railing on the sixth floor.

The woman who posted a video to YouTube showing the aftermath comes into view and is admonished by the deputy but continues to record. (Warning: Some may find the content of the video disturbing.)

Two other sixth-floor cameras show the incident from different angles.

In the bystander’s video, Mullins can be seen lying on the fifth floor for several minutes, unable to get up and bleeding extensively. He was later taken to a hospital for treatment.

Mullins was in court last Thursday to answer for charges of aggravated burglary, robbery and theft. He had been found guilty after his DNA was discovered on an Oreo cookie at the crime scene.

Judge Mark Serrott gave Mullins 4-6 years in prison. Mullins asked the judge for time before being incarcerated to have surgery for some medical issues, but Serrott denied the request. That was when Mullins, who had been out on bond, fled the courtroom.