COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Lawyers representing four victims of the “Fire Ball” amusement ride accident at the Ohio State Fair in July 2017 are planning to file a lawsuit against the Dutch manufacturer, KMG International BV.

Tyler Jarrell, 18, was killed and several other people suffered severe injuries when the support arm holding one of the ride’s gondolas broke off.

Columbus attorney Michael Rourke said the lawsuit will show the company was aware of the corrosion problem and failed to notify ride owners.

“This lawsuit is based on the grossly outrageous conduct of KMG in not only designing and marketing a clearly defective product, in that the gondola arms of the Fireball ride were prone to catastrophic internal corrosion, but also that KMG learned about this problem in 2012 and failed to warn owners, operators or riders,” Rourke said.

“It is anticipated that discovery in this case will reveal even more information that establishes the KMG design was grossly defective, and further that KMG acted recklessly and fraudulently in failing to warn of this defective design in 2012 when it was brought to its attention.”

Rourke said the lawsuit will be filed in New Jersey.

Victims have already settled lawsuits with the operator of the ride, Amusements of America, and with private inspection companies.