RICHWOOD, Ohio (WCMH) — Walking to school is about to get a little easier, and safer, now that the Ohio Department of Transportation has wrapped up a project in one central Ohio neighborhood.

After months of hard work, ODOT has created new sidewalks right by North Union Elementary School. Lori Duguid with ODOT said that before the project, there was nothing but grass and the road.

For many parents, it was a concern.

“If kids wanted to walk into the school building, they needed to walk either in the road or on the grass, neither a good option really,” said Duguid, the ODOT District 6 Deputy Director.

One student said he’s happy to see this addition.

“The cars just whip through sometimes and it’s pretty dangerous,” student Tyler Snyder said.

The principal at North Union Elementary, Darlene Allison, said she too is happy to see this addition, but wants to prioritize safety first.

“We’re going to work on educating our students on the proper ways to walk to school and crossing intersections,” she said.

Rodney Saunders, a parent with students at the school, said though he’s happy for the kids, he’s also happy this is a community change, saying that while it may be a subtle change, it was something they needed.

“It’s for seniors, they do a lot of walking around here,” he said. “My mom and dad are one of them. They use this on a fairly regular basis for walking and exercise. It’s big for that.”

Each year, the school holds a “Walk to School Day” in September, and this year, the school is looking forward to using the sidewalk together for the first time.