COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – As we approach the end of the school year, many students will be recognized for their accomplishments. One student at Fairbanks High School seems to have done the unimaginable – going through his entire academic career without missing a day of school.

Nathan Combs says it all started when he missed a play date because of vacation.

“We went out to California to see my uncle and I just wasn’t happy about it, and I told my mom I’m never missing anything like that again,” Nathan said.

Nathan’s parents Angie and Craig Combs tell NBC4 they didn’t think much of their young son’s declaration, but as the years went by they say it became clear he was serious.

“He was very committed to it and the closer we got the more we thought it looked like there’s a shot and he’ll pull this off,” Craig Combs said.

The challenge wasn’t without obstacles. Nathan Combs broke both arms as an elementary student and still made it to school. As a high school student, he faced a slew of sports related injuries without a day out of class.

“I just expected myself to do it, that’s just been my goal the whole time, so just seeing me reach the end is really cool,” Nathan said.

The focus that has allowed him to go his entire educational career without a single missed day has seemingly bled into his academics. Nathan currently carries a 4.4 grade point average, plays two varsity sports and leads a few student organizations.

NBC4 found Nathan on Senior Skip Day where he has always been, in class. As he prepares to enter the next step in his education at Ohio Wesleyan University, the question now is will the streak continue?

“I’m going to start out doing it and see what happens, but I can’t guarantee,” Nathan said.