COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — It’s almost been a full week since Edith Espinal has had any food, and this Thanksgiving nothing has changed for her.

She said she is refusing to eat until Sen. Sherrod Brown responds to her request for him to meet with her inside of her sanctuary.

Edith has been living in the Columbus Mennonite Church for more than two years for fear of deportation.

“I want him to tell me yes or no for the visit,” said Espinal.

It’s why Edith Espinal is on a hunger strike.

“Sometimes I feel dizzy and my head is in pain. I feel weak.”

For six days, she’s had nothing but liquids, as she waits for Brown to say if he will come and visit her sanctuary to see how she’s been living.

This isn’t the first time she’s asked for a politician to visit her.

Julian Castro visited her before the Democratic presidential debate in October.

Now she said she wants to see if Brown will visit her and explain his plan to help her and other immigrants.

She believes the hunger is worth it and hope it gets her out of her sanctuary before she spends more holidays and birthdays inside of these church walls.

“My wish for Christmas, this Christmas is to stay with my family,” said Espinal. “So, I can have my freedom to go to the store to buy some presents for my kids.”

A spokesperson for Sen. Brown sent the following statement to NBC4 regarding Espinal’s situation:

“Senator Brown has spoken with Edith on the phone and our office has met with Edith and had several conversations with her, her family and her advocates. Having spoken and met with Edith and having taken every step possible, as we do with any constituent who reaches out to us for help, Sen. Brown’s office believes one additional meeting will not fix our broken immigration system. Instead, our office will focus on taking effective measures to help Edith, and to fix our broken immigration system for all Ohioans.”

Brown’s office said they cannot discuss the specifics of the case, but the senator remains focused on helping all Ohioans in effective and meaningful ways.