COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The Russian invasion of Ukraine is also affecting those here in Central Ohio.

“It’s difficult, it’s very hard watching from the sidelines, watching as the country that I call home. And the friends that I, have become family, are uncertain,” said Abigail Rist, a Ukrainian immigrant and student at Cedarville University.

When Rist got the call that Russian forces had invaded her home country of Ukraine, she said she felt afraid and uncertain over when she’d see her loved ones again.

“Talking with them one minute I want to cry, the next minute I see that they’re being brave, and so I can be calm, and I can be brave because they are too,” said Rist.

And she’s one of thousands of other Ukrainian immigrants who have taken refuge here in Central Ohio.

“Right here in Central Ohio, families that are waiting for their loved ones to be reunited,” said Nadia Kasvin, co-founder of Us Together.

Kasvin said she came to this country 28 years ago as a refugee from Ukraine.

Today, she works at Us Together, an organization she co-founded to provide services to refugees living in Ohio.

Now, Kasvin said their services have been called upon more than ever.

“Not just from Columbus, but from all over the country, reaching out to our organization, saying ‘My family is there, what do I do to bring them? My friends are there, what do I do to bring them?'” said Kasvin.

Currently, more than 150 applications for Ukrainian refugees have been submitted by Us Together, with only around half having been accepted so far, Kasvin said.