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Two-alarm fire at west Columbus apartment complex

COLUMBUS (WCMH) - Columbus Division of Fire responded to Derrer Height Lane for a two-alarm fire Saturday evening.

Battalion Chief Steve Martin said they believed the fire started in an upstairs apartment of a two-story apartment building.

Neighbors said they heard glass breaking and went outside to see what it was.

"You couldn't even see the building," Delores Chappell said. "It was so engulfed in fire. It was like rolling fire."

Everyone made it out of the apartments and no one was injured. The fire chief told NBC4 this isn't the first time these firefighters have been called to this building.

Earlier this year, the apartments that were covered with pieces of plywood also caught fire. It's right next to the unit where the fire chief says this fire began.

"It's been too many fires around here," Chappell said. 

Another resident Shannon Murray said both happened too close to her home.

"It's a sign," Murray said. "See it's time to move on up out of here."

She lives a few doors down from where the fire began and says she was taking a nap when it started.

"I honestly heard my dog barking while I'm in my sleep," Murray said. "I didn't think nothing of it, you know, until like 20 seconds later the fire department's knocking on my door, and they're like 'hey, hey you better open the door or we're going to kick in it.'"

She was able to grab her dog and a few items.

Murray said she believes her home only received smoke damage. Her hope is to get the rest of her items and she will start to look for another place to live. 

No cause has been determined.



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