COLUMBUS (WCMH) — With the heat expected to continue into Sunday night, Columbus residents are looking for ways to keep cool.

Or is that “cool”?

One activity — free admission to the city’s pools — will certainly keep you cool.

Another activity — the annual Jazz and Rib Fest — can certainly make you feel “cool”.

At the city’s pools Saturday, several families took advantage of the free admission.

“It is wonderful that they let everyone come out here for free,” said resident Alyssa Guinn.

It’s estimated that thousands of residents across the Columbus metro found different ways to get out and enjoy the weather by doing activities to keep cool.

“When I come to the pool, I like to swim under water,” said Veangel Cook.

The Columbus Jazz and Rib Fest, however, did little to help beat the heat. For some, it even turned it up.

“Hot,” said master griller Rodney Strozir. “Hot, real hot.”

Strozier worked the smoker for Pork ‘N Beans for nearly eight hours Saturday. The one thing that kept him keep cool — his big yellow fan.

However, the heat didn’t stop many from heading out to the second day of the three-day event.

Some festival goers decided to beat the heat by showing up later in the day, once the sun started to set.

“We just got down here not to long ago so it feels good,” said . “I wanted to come at high noon but it was hot.”

Sunday, the final day of the fest and the last day city pools are scheduled to be open free of charge, is expected to be another hot day, with the heat and humidity finally set to break around nightfall.

Strozir is ready for it.

“Bring it on, Columbus,” he said.