Valentine’s Day is a chance to get your significant other something special. Sometimes, people will let you in on what they’re looking for, but one Ohio County man’s Valentine’s mix-up caused some big laughs on Thursday.

Allan and Nina Harris, of Hartford, have been married since 2006.

For Valentine’s Day this year, Nina wanted something that would last so she told Allan that if he got her flowers, she’d like some tulips that she could plant outside.

Tulips are an annual, which means they will come back every year.

However, Nina did not know how to react when Allan showed up with turnips for Valentine’s Day on Thursday.

Allan had apparently misunderstood what Nina wanted.

Once the couple worked through what had happened, Allan did eventually go and get some tulips as well.

Bobbi Jo Martin, Nina’s daughter, shared the story with us Thursday. She said she doesn’t believe anyone got a more unusual gift this year.

Full Transcription:

Brad Byrd: Hi, it’s Brad and Shelley. Nina, I want to ask you your reaction all of this. What did you think?

Nina: The first thing – I didn’t know how to react. It was like, “Oh, really!”

Shelley Kirk: Did you put the connection together – turnips when you asked for tulips?

Nina: Well, in the beginning I didn’t. I had just had my first cup of coffee and then it dawned on me. I didn’t think he was really paying attention when I suggested it.

Brad: Allan, what did you think of all this? Obviously, it was a misunderstanding. But what went through your mind?

Allan: Well, the first thing that popped in my mind was, ‘I thought you said turnips.’ ‘No, I said tulips.’ Well, when we were going to bed, I misunderstood you and I really did a boo-boo on that one.

Brad: Well, are you going to mix them up in salads or are you going to cook them?

Allan: We’re gonna let her cook ‘em.

Shelley: Hopefully she’ll share them. You ended up going and getting something else, right Allan?

Allan: Yes, I did. I went and got the tulips and the balloons to make it up for what I did – the boo-boo.

Shelley: Did he make it up? Is everything okay now?

Nina: Yes he did. He tried really hard. So everything’s good to go.

Brad: Made a lot of great memories today and it’s very nice presentation. And on the bucket it says, “Just for you?” “Love you?”

Allan: Yes, I did, I bought the bucket to put the turnips in. I thought I did good.

Shelley: You did good.

Brad: You did great.

Allan: There they are. The turnips were harder to find than the tulips.

Shelley: I was going to ask you that. Sometimes it is harder to find them. Happy Valentine’s Day and thanks so much for sharing your story with us.

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(This story was originally published on February 14, 2019)