COLUMBUS (WCMH) — You may remember the buzz about the 276-year-old Paganini violin–valued at $35 million–making its way from Genoa, Italy to Columbus last May to be played by the Columbus Symphony Orchestra’s Concert Master Joanna Frankel.

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Frankel and the Paganini wowed at the one-time, sold-out performance on May 15, 2019. Now, the Columbus Symphony Orchestra is allowing the world to enjoy the iconic performance in two encore Facebook Live streams, premiering Friday, April 17 and Saturday, April 18, both at 7:30pm.

Frankel plays five pieces on the instrument, also known as “Il Cannone,” which translates to “the cannon.”

“I have played a powerful instrument, of course, nothing really to the fame of Paganini’s ‘cannon’ violin,” Frankel said. “For me, the biggest difference is really the power and how much power you can evoke from the instrument with very little effort.”

You can watch the performance on The Columbus Symphony Orchestra’s Facebook page, or on this story.

About the Paganini

The violin rarely leaves its home in the Columbus sister city of Genoa, Italy. It is rarely played. In fact, the Mayor of Genoa says he has only heard it played twice before.

Mayor Marco Bucci considers the violin to be a piece of art that now helps connect the two cities, the two cultures.

“It is a good sign of being a sister city, Genoa and Columbus,” said Bucci.

Paganini was incredibly gifted, with talent so beyond other musicians that it was believed to be otherworldly.

“[He was] actually accused of having a deal with the devil, like he was doing things that nobody else was capable of doing at that time.  And I am not sure that anybody else would be able to do right now,” said Bucci.