COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The fight against racism and injustice is a topic of discussion in many homes right now. But it can be a tough talk for parents to have with children.​ 

OhioGuidestone’s Director of Applied Clinical Sciences and Research, Brittany Pope, knows the images of unrest on television can be confusing to children who aren’t familiar with them. She says explaining what’s going on to them isn’t always easy.​ ​

“We have not even talked about it as a country,” Pope said. “We’re not past it and we definitely need to continue to talk about it.​​ First off, recognizing that we do need to talk about it, and second off actually having a conversation about where you stand as an adult. There are many families that this is not a new phenomenon but maybe they have not talked about it in a poignant way.”

As a mother of two, she suggests other parents use tools like books and pictures to explain racism.​ ​

“I try to build on top of that using books, using video footage and even some cartoons,” Pope said. “Try to bring that fast forward to now.”