COLUMBUS (WCMH) — This is the 10th anniversary of a Memorial Day tradition. A very visible display in the Westerville Sports Complex called the Field of Heroes.

Organizer with the Westerville Sunrise Rotary said the giant flag display is a tribute to who you might call a hero. Anyone from the slain Westerville police officers, to military veterans, first responders or your personal hero.

By Friday afternoon there will be 3,000 American flags spread out along Cleveland Ave. on eight-foot poles. Organizer Larry Jenkins said they expect 8,000 to 12,000 people through the Memorial Day Weekend.

 “It was an idea that came to me as a chance for the community to come together,” Jenkins said.

The Field of Heroes was Larry Jenkins’ idea but said 140 Rotarians and 300 volunteers are making it happen.

“The idea is to remember your own personal hero. So that hero could be in the military, first responders, but it could also be a teacher or personal friend,” said Event Chair Mike Herron.

Like Westerville police officers Tony Morelli and Eric Joering who were gunned down last February during a domestic dispute call in Westerville.

“I knew both of those guys from my time in the city, they would have told you that is exactly why they showed up, so they could go do that job, so the rest of us did not have to face stuff like that,” Jenkins said.

The Field of Heroes exhibit will be open to the public for Memorial Day weekend.

“Day or night we are open till 1 o’clock Monday afternoon. So they can come in the afternoon, the morning, even at night,” said Herron.

The exhibit is on the southwest corner of Cleveland Avenue and County Line Road in the Westerville Sports Complex.