COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Opening day at the Ohio State Fair is perfect. The food, the animals, and the people were all ready to jump in on the fun.

One of the first things you’ll have to find is food. Yes, you will find your all-time favorites like funnel cake, fresh lemonade, and Dipping Dots. One of the things you may want to try is the donut burger!

This piece of artery-clogging, lip-smacking, breakfast-meets-dinner sandwich is exactly what you think it is. A piece of meat smashed between two Krispy Kreme donuts topped with any topping you desire.

“I like the pickle on it and the onion, it just sets it off,” owner Don Kenna said.

Kenna explained you don’t worry about the calories.

“Use your cheat day for the fair,” he said. “The best part about the fair is you can walk it off.”

One of the places you get your steps is the 4-H barns. There you can meet people like lifelong 4-H competitor Emily Stevens, 17, from ES Shrops Farms in Huron County.

“So when I was two years old, I showed the ladies lead contest with a little outfit and I walked around and led my sheep around and modeled my outfit,” Stevens said. “Now I’m to the point where I’m showing the sheep in the ring and competing against others. It’s a lot different, but I love it.”

Once you’ve got your fill of the farm life, head over to the midway. There, you’ll find all the rides you want, but check the schedule to make sure the rides are operating.

“The reason I like to come on the first day is to beat the crowd,” said Ryan Parker. “But the rides aren’t open yet.”