A local group called The Mission Continues focuses on integrating veterans into the community. 

Each month, more than 100 members of the organization get together to work on a different volunteer project.

On Saturday, they spent their time making improvements to a food pantry.

“I’m a veteran of Operation Desert Storm,” says Chris Ray.

Ray is just one of the many veterans who are a part of The Mission Continues.

The Mission Continues is made up of a mix of veterans and community members who provide opportunities for veterans to continue to serve in their communities.

“I really enjoy giving back and also being a part of an organization where there are other people who like to give back to their communities as well,” Ray said.

The group’s main goal focuses on food insecurity in the city of Columbus. Many of their projects are tied in with the Mid-Ohio FoodBank.

“I’ve been a part of four or five projects similar to this in the past and I just like giving back and working around some great people,” says Ray.

From painting the walls and scrubbing the floors, the entire food pantry will look brand new by the end of the day.

Megan Krused is a community member with The Mission Continues who said she loves working with the veterans and entire group.

“The thing I love about The Mission Continues is how they work to find out what the needs of the community are and meet those needs. We’ve done everything from community gardens and outdoor spaces to refinishing indoor spaces,” Megan said.

“We’re helping out people that are less fortunate then we are, right? And I think that’s important,” says Ray.

To learn more about The Mission Continues visit their website.