COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — One of the things that makes Red, White and Boom so special is the perfect combination of fireworks and music for the big Independence Day display.

Red, White, and Boom has been a tradition for Jimmy Jam with WNCI for about 20 years.

The show will be perfectly timed with music and fireworks working together to create the beat of the Independence Day celebration.

This year is the 40th celebration of Red, White and Boom, which will feature a 27-minute display of bright colors and music.

“The way this thing is mixed is spectacular,” Jam said. “The way they put songs into each other, you never would have thought of and it really gets you fired up.”

Jam prides himself on making sure there’s a song for everyone.

“You look up in the sky and you know you’re with your community and your friends and your family,” said Kelsey Webb, also with WNCI. “I get goosebumps and it just like culminates into a beautiful moment.”

Jam says the finale will be the better than ever.

“We bring out the big guns for the grand finale, just blow it out as hard and as loud as we could, so this will be the finale song,” he said right before playing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ by Celine Dion.

Jam added he could be joking about the last song, but people will have to wait for Friday to find out.

The WNCI crew will also be set up on Civic Center Drive, a short walk away from the NBC 4 stage at Boom Central.

The show starts Friday night at 10 pm.