CANAL WINCHESTER, Ohio (WCMH) — Covered bridges have been around for more than a century, as builders got the idea that a roof would help the wood last longer.

Today, the idea is to enjoy them by keeping them restored and in use. The bridges still in service are typically for foot traffic. Many of them are located in parks and span creeks, and a perfect example of one is the Zeller-Smith Bridge at 100 Lockville Road in Pickerington. This bridge serves as a way to access the park’s arboretum.


Franklin County’s last covered bridge spans Little Walnut Creek in Canal Winchester. The Bergstresser-Dietz covered bridge construction was commissioned in 1887 for $2,690. Initially, the bridge was intended to help people bring produce to the canal and the railroad. The bridge was restored in 1990 with original and new materials and rededicated in 1991.

Taylor Blair

Madison County has one of the newer covered bridges in the area. The Taylor Blair Road bridge spans across the national and state scenic river Little Darby Creek. Crews built the bridge in 2012, and it sits to the west of downtown West Jefferson. One of the features is a sidewalk for foot traffic.


In Fairfield County, there is only one covered bridge being used for vehicle traffic. That bridge is in North Baltimore on a road appropriately named Woodbridge Drive. Fairfield County has the most covered bridges in central Ohio, totaling 15.

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