COLUMBUS (WCMH)–There may be no football right now, but you have a chance to get a taste of the season in a new documentary featuring “The Best Damn Band in the Land.” This documentary called “TBDBITL 141” features the 141st season of the Ohio State University Marching Band, with a look behind the scenes.

“It’s such a big deal,” said Senior Sydney Reik. “It’s the biggest deal.”

There are 228 students and coaches, teachers, and leaders behind the band’s epic halftime performances. What most people don’t see is what happens behind the scenes and before the season starts

“Being authentic is super important to me in this documentary so you can open the eyes of what really happens to the public,” said Reik.

Sydney Reik plays trombone and in this almost two-hour documentary, she is followed on her journey as a sophomore from auditions through the rest of the 2018 season.

“Getting ready for that it’s emotional. Like I know I said I wasn’t but some people have been looking forward to this their entire lives however long they’ve been doing it,” she said. “They want it bad. For me going through that experience I didn’t know if it’s going to happen, is it not? Because going into your second year there’s always a saying in the band, ‘your second year is the hardest year to make it’ and I got that in my head.”

Filmmaker Joe Camoriano shadows a few key players in the band and gives you a look at what it takes to be a Buckeyes muscian in TBDBITL. 

“I think anyone who has had an interest in Buckeye Football and the band and anything Ohio State, especially at this time, can have something to grab a hold of,” said Band Director Chris Hoch. 

Hoch noted the year it was filmed was truly one to remember.

“2018 seemed like as good of a year as any and it just so happened the football team did really well that year, we had a Rose Bowl trip we had a Macy’s trip, lots of things came together for us that year,” said Hoch. “We’re in a situation where there isn’t a lot of concrete performances that we have to look forward to so having this documentary released especially for the students who were in the band is an exciting moment.”

Two years later, as a Senior, Reik noted this little piece of nostalgia will hopefully help everyone get through this unprecedented time.

“It’s the best surprise Buckeye nation could hope for,” said Reik.

The students are practicing for whatever the season may look like. They are limited to 50 students in a class and only work with their sections right now. If football is delayed longer or even canceled, Hoch explained they will perform and share those performances on social media for fans.

Proceeds from “TBDBITL 141” will support Ohio State Marching Band scholarship fund. To rent or purchase the documentary, visit

“TBDBITL 141” is a winner of the 26th Annual Communicator Award of Excellence by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. The video competed against more than 6,000 entries from across the U.S. and around the world.

The Communicator Awards is the largest and most competitive awards program honoring creative excellence for communications professionals. The Chagrin Documentary Film Festival recently selected “TBDBITL 141” as an official entry into the festival in October.