SUNBURY, Ohio (WCMH) – A community rallied together Wednesday to show its support for an 11-year-old boy who was seriously injured at a homecoming parade last Friday.

Kenny Zedekar was walking in the Big Walnut parade when he tripped and was run over by a float. He is now on day five in the hospital.

The community held a prayer vigil Wednesday for Kenny, who suffered a pelvic fracture, lacerations to his liver, and multiple cuts to his face in the accident. They said that while the last few days have not been easy, Kenny is a fighter.

Kenny Zedekar, an 11-year-old who family members said was injured during the homecoming parade at Big Walnut High School Friday, Sept. 30. (Photo courtesy family member)

“We just adore him,” said Christina Burton, Kenny’s aunt.

The Sunbury community is wrapping its arms around Kenny while he recovers from the accident. Burton said he does have a long road ahead of him.

“He’s been making small progress as far as letting us know he can hear us, showing us that he is in pain or that he is comfortable,” she said.

Burton said Kenny was walking in the Big Walnut Homecoming parade when he reached down to grab some candy. He fell over and was run over by a parade float.

The Sunbury community came together for a prayer vigil Wednesday, praying for Kenny’s healing, his family’s healing, and the community’s healing.

“It’s amazing,” Burton said. “It really gives me the hope that I needed and the faith that I needed because I was struggling at first.”

Burton said that on Wednesday, Kenny smiled for the first time since the accident. But through the last few days of wondering what will happen to her nephew, she said it’s the community’s support that keeps her family going.

Dozens showed up at the vigil dressed in “Kenny Strong” shirts.

Burton’s best friend, Kimberly Hill-Hott helped make the shirts. She said it’s been so nice seeing how many people want to support Kenny and his family.

“It’s just amazing how the community is coming together and wants to be there and support him and her and the family,” Hill-Hott said.

“Sunbury is a special place,” said Andrew Scholz, lead pastor with City North Church. “Somebody said it tonight from the stage: ‘When one person here hurts, everybody hurts.’ It’s a tight-knit community.”

The Big Walnut Local Schools District and the City North Church, where the vigil was held, are offering counseling services to anyone affected by the accident.