GENOA TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WCMH) — Genoa Township is preparing to remove stop signs at five different intersections after a study by the Delaware County Engineer’s Office found the stop signs were unwarranted.

It all started because there were concerns over people running stop signs in neighborhoods with children living in them or near schools.

On Sept. 15 of last year, Genoa Township Board of Trustees submitted a request for engineering assistance to Delaware County, saying there were concerns about the placement of some stop signs.

The intersections where the signs will be removed are:

  • St. Andrews Drive at Frasier Road
  • Somerset Avenue at Gainey Court and Annandale Court
  • Hilmar Drive at Grisham Street
  • Hilmar Drive at Pine Hollow Drive
  • Spring Run Drive at Dunaway Lane

Originally, Spring Run Drive at Chateau Lane South was included in the request as an error. The intended location, Spring Run Drive at Dunaway Lane, was resubmitted to the county engineer for review on Nov. 4.

The study concluded that each of the intersections (except Spring Run at Chateau) has unwarranted stop signs due to the unmet traffic volumes required by the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

An unwarranted traffic control device cannot legally be enforced by police nor can liability be determined in the event of an accident. Thus, keeping the signs up would be illegal.

“We had to take steps to follow the law.” said Renee Vaughn, a Genoa Township Trustee.

The signs will be coming down in those locations on March 10.

The community has voiced a mixed reaction to the signs coming down.

“I work from home, I face the street, I see the hundreds of kids that walk through this intersection to and from Alcott (Elementary School) every day,” said Suzanne Vincent, who lives near one of the targeted intersections. “I’m not sure that removing the stop signs is the best alternative. My big concern is the kids.”

Shortly after the decision was made to pull the signs, a survey was sent to the community, asking for residents’ opinions on what should replace the stop signs. Responses showed many people wanted rapid flashing beacons and, at three of the intersections, will be installed.

In response, Genoa Township purchased two beacons while Westerville City Schools will foot the bill for the third. They, along with crosswalks, will be installed at the two intersections on Hilmar Road and Spring Run Drive.

In addition, permanent driver feedback signs, known as “Your Speed” radar display signs, were the agreed-upon alternative for Saint Andrews Drive.

A solution for Somerset Avenue hasn’t been decided.

There are currently “Traffic Pattern to Change” signs near all of the intersections. Once the stop signs are removed, permanent “Cross Traffic Does Not Stop” signs will be installed.

Some residents, though, don’t think it’s that simple of a solution.

“We do have a lot of teen speeders coming down that street,” Vincent said. “Those rapid beacons will not stop that. I always think that there’s more to data than just numbers. I think you have to understand how our neighborhood works, that we are a young neighborhood. There are schools on both ends of this particular intersection and that has to be taken into consideration.”

Vaughn said the township is doing everything it can.

“Trustees, we don’t make law,” she said. “However, we take an oath to follow the law. We’re proud that our community is working together to find solutions. We are collaborating with neighborhood leaders — that includes Westerville City Schools, the PTA of the local school and also several HOAs.”

If you’d like to learn more about what’s to come, you can click here.