COLUMBUS (WCMH) — A report of a stolen puppy in northwest Columbus led to arrests for robbery and the seizure of weapons and drugs.

Investigators were called to the Petland at 2620 Bethel Road on July 13 on a report of an Old English Bulldog was taken with the threat of force.

The $10,000 pup was being played with in a room by a man and a woman. They were identified as Wayne and Sara Sexton, both 28. When the couple tried to leave with the dog, according to police accounts, Wayne threatened violence to the employee.

After identifying the couple, burglary detective, Bruce Beard teamed up with SWAT officers and executed a warrant on July 16 at a home on Brandenberry Ct. E.

Investigators say they recoverd the animal, along with assault rifles, a shotgun, two handguns, and 1,000 rounds with 50 magazines filled with ammunition, plus 25 marijuana plants.

The dog was not injured and the investigation is ongoing. The Sextons were charged with robbery.