COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations has turned down a Columbus Division of Police request to take over the investigation into the fatal shooting of Casey Goodson Jr.

Columbus Division of Police Chief Thomas Quinlan said the investigation into the shooting death of Casey Goodson Jr. was to be turned over to BCI at his request, with the support of Franklin County Sheriff Dallas Baldwin and U.S. Marshal Peter Tobin.

After that request was made, Ohio Attorney General Press Secretary Steve Irwin said BCI will not accept the case.

“We received a referral to take a three day old officer-involved shooting case. Not knowing all the reasons as to why so much time has passed before the case was referred to BCI, we cannot accept this case.

The Attorney General said that BCI was able to investigate officer-involved shootings – a process that begins with a request for assistance, processing of a crime scene and a thorough investigation. BCI has an existing MOU with CPD, as they know that BCI is their first call when an incident occurs. BCI is the first call because we cannot be the subject matter experts unless we’re on scene from the beginning to document the evidence of what happened from the start. Three days later after the crime scene has been dismantled and the witnesses have all dispersed does not work.”

Steve Irwin, Press Secretary, Office of Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost

Later Monday evening, Columbus Police issued the following statement:

“This afternoon Columbus Police reached an agreement with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) for that agency to take over the investigation of Friday’s deadly shooting involving a Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy. The request by Columbus Police (Chief) Thomas Quinlan had the support of Franklin County Sheriff Dallas Baldwin, and U.S. Marshal Peter Tobin.

“After further review, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office determined BCI would not take the case, citing the investigation was already well underway. Chief Quinlan’s interest in having BCK involved in the case was based solely on reassuring the public of maximum independence in the investigation of this tragedy. As he said in his statement earlier today, he has complete faith in CPD’s Critical Incident Response Team to investigate this matter fully and fairly. That has not changed.

“Today’s agreement, and the Attorney General’s decision to not take this case, has not in any way interrupted the work to investigate the death of Casey Goodson. Chief Quinlan reiterates his request for the public to remain patient as the investigation continues.”

Statement from Columbus Division of Police

Goodson was shot and killed Friday by Franklin County Deputy Jason Meade. According to the sheriff’s office, Meade is currently assigned to the United States Marshal’s Service Fugitive Task Force, a role he was in at the time of the shooting.

The shooting was on the mind of Columbus City Council members Monday.

“This was undeserving for him and for his family members, so I do extend my deepest condolences to his grandmother and to all his grieving family members,” said Columbus City Council member Shayla Favor.

“Regardless of the fact that Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and federal marshals are not part of a city government, regardless of the fact this investigation must run its course and we need to see all the facts, what happened is still a tragedy,” said Columbus City Council President Shannon Hardin.

According to the U.S. Marshals Service, Meade was at a home on Estates Place searching for a fugitive. While on the scene, the Marshals Service said a man drove by them, waving a gun.

Several officers followed the man and when they caught up to him, commanded him to drop the weapon. As the suspect began to pull his gun, Meade fired, hitting the suspect, according to the marshals’ office.

Family members of Goodson have disputed this account of what happened, and retained a law firm over the weekend.