PLAIN CITY, Ohio (WCMH) — A local fireworks show in Plain City has been canceled due to staffing shortages from the fireworks company.

With only a few days left before the 4th of July, the village of Plain City was set to have their annual fireworks show at the park. Then they got a call from the fireworks vendor.

“They could not have enough pyrotechnic workers come and set off the fireworks they had available for us,” Plain City Mayor Jody Carney said.

Because of the staffing shortages, Carney said the vendor refunded the city for this year’s fireworks show. However, this left Carney’s employees without enough time to find a replacement.

“They had had 60 phone calls with other municipalities, with issues just like ours, so we know we’re not alone in this issue, but it seems at the moment that it’s pretty centralized,” Carney said.

“We were really sad to hear that it was canceled,” Plain City resident Stacie Stechenfinger said.

Residents like Stacie Stechenfinger say the announcement came as a bit of a shock.

“My daughter was looking forward to it, so you know, we just got online and going to try to see if there’s anything local we can go to,” she said.

Meanwhile, others like Bernie Vance, say that will be his plan, too.

“We have them all around us, we have Marysville, Dublin, Hilliard, in addition to Red, White & BOOM!, so some people I’m sure will go to those,” said Bernie Vance, president of the Plain City Historical Society.

While there may not be fireworks this year, Plain City still plans to hold other events on the Fourth of July, which some are already planning to attend.

“We’ll still do the festivities in town though, like the parade and the stuff at the park,” said Mikaela Joseph, an employee at Main Street Nails.

Plain City will still hold a parade and other family-fun activities in the park on Independence Day. The mayor also said they’re in the early stages of planning other events to help make up for the lack of fireworks this year.