Spring break is a time of year that students across the nation look forward to.

A week to relax, hang out with friends, bond with family, and often times travel.

For more than 80 members of South High Harmony, it’s a time to be rewarded for hard work with a trip to Atlanta, Georgia.

To be a part of the South High Harmony choir, students must have good grades, good attendance records and a positive attitude in class. These students will spend the rest of the week bonding with fellow choir members while representing the South Side beyond Columbus city limits.

“We take these kids on a trip every year to show them the world beyond the world they live in. We want them to see other cultures. We want them to see other cities. We also want them to appreciate what they have when they come back. But we also go away to serve others to broaden their horizons and show them the world beyond Columbus” said David Brown, founder of Harmony Project.

The group will have the opportunity to sing in Centennial Olympic Park, visit the King Center and serve at a local food bank. One of the students that will be a part of the trip is South High School junior Alaysha Jackson.

Jackson credits South High Harmony with helping her to improve her grades and outlook on school.

“They had to help me come on time because I would never make it to first and second period. I would get here third period. Then once I joined the choir, it motivated me to come to school on time” said Jackson.

To learn more about the trip and South High Harmony, visit Harmonyproject.com.