COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Savvy shoppers have always purchased used cars and trucks, instead of new ones, to save thousands of dollars.

But in this crazy year, some used cars now cost more than a new version.

The price of used cars has gone up and up in 2021, because of soaring demand, and the computer chip shortage that has been keeping many new vehicles parked.

The result: Some one to two year old used vehicles can now cost you more than the sticker price on that vehicle brand new, according to I See Cars.Com.

Among them, The:

Kia Telluride SUV: $3,000 more for a used version.
GMC Sierra pickup: $3,000 more used.
Toyota Tacoma pickup: $3,000 more used.

Many others, including Toyota 4 Runners, the Hyundai Palisade, and more, are selling for a $1,000 dollar premium used.

If you can find a new one, that’s the better deal, but unfortunately you need to find a new one first.

And from the doesn’t that stink file, The holy grail of cars you can’t find: The new full-size Ford Bronco.

Used ones really don’t exist used, and one New York dealer is charging $30,000 over sticker for new Broncos, according to Motor Trend.

Doesn’t that stink.

It’s crazy, but the good news is that like with all bubbles, it won’t last forever.

Dealers are hoping that used car prices start coming back down to earth in September, when sales typically slow down.

Till then don’t waste your money.

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