New parking regulations are now in effect in the Short North area. Residents have to decide between buying a parking permit or risk getting a ticket.

The city has sent out notices to residents to make them aware of the new regulations.

Many workers and residents who we spoke with Tuesday are not happy about the changes.

Chad Taborn who works in the Short North says, “The restrictions are just, they’re rough. They’re rough for the workers.”

Taborn hopes there can be a new or better solution to the new parking restrictions.

“It’s going to affect me and a lot of people that work down here. Because it just seems that they don’t want people outside of the Short North to work in the Short North. We’ve been told we have to go take a bus here all the way down through here. And it’s going to add like 30-40 minutes on to everybody’s commute just to get to work on top of having to pay for a parking garage,” said Taborn.

Residents who applied for the new city parking permit paid $25 and have to pay an additional $25 for a guest pass. The guest pass is not an actual pass you hang on a car. You have to log on to a website and register yours guests’ license plate number each time. 

Susan Nowak, a resident of the Short North says, “It just started but I think it’s awful I’m a dog walker, and I have employees that need to pop in and out of houses quickly. And it’s making it a lot harder to get around easily. I liked it before because a lot of the times the open hours didn’t require a permit.”

You cannot park between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. unless you have a permit or a guest pass.

“I can walk here 40 minutes from where I live. So I’ll probably just take the 40-minute walk instead of having to pay the extra for the permits and all that good stuff,” says Taborn. 

Keith Thompson, another resident of the Short North explains, “They claim that the parking garages are full on weekends and prime times. It’s just simply not true. If you look at this parking garage down here for the convention center, there’s six floors, maybe two, three will be filled. Non-residents need to use parking garages and leave streets open to the residents.”

“There’s a lot of unfair about living in the short north I think it kind of you take a little bit when you decide to live here but it’s just changed so much in the last however many years with the development,” said Nowak.

Even with the pass, residents must park in their specific zoned area. If someone else parks there, they will get a warning but the actual resident is then out of luck.

Tap here for more information about the parking regulations.