COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A chain of chicken sandwich eateries founded by Hall of Fame basketball star Shaquille O’Neal is planning to open more than 35 restaurants in Ohio, beginning in Columbus.

Big Chicken, a fast-food concept created by O’Neal in 2018, is expanding with 36 restaurants across the state after opening their first Ohio spot in the Dayton area last year, the chain shared on Monday. The exact locations and opening dates for the new eateries has yet to be announced.

The series of restaurants is inspired by O’Neal’s home-cooked childhood favorites, including the “Big & Sloppy” chicken sandwich with mac and cheese, fried onions and roasted garlic barbeque aioli. The “Shaq Attack” sandwich is also on the menu with pepper jack cheese, jalapeno slaw and spicy chipotle barbeque sauce.

O’Neal’s menu boasts chicken tenders, chicken sliders, a cobb salad and a caesar salad. Sides include sweet potato waffle fries, jalapeno slaw and “Dirty Fries” with cheese sauce, bacon, banana peppers and chipotle barbeque sauce.

Milkshakes are on the menu, including the “Big Conductor” shake with salted caramel cookies and the “Big Shamrock” shake with chocolate chips, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Ice cream sandwiches round out the offerings, including the “Grandma’s Banana Pudding” sandwich with banana pudding ice cream and vanilla wafer cookies.

Along with locations in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New York, Nevada, Texas, Tennessee and Washington, Big Chicken has locations on three Carnival cruise ships and offers nationwide shipping.

Learn more and view Big Chicken’s entire menu here.