WORTHINGTON, Ohio (WCMH) — Whether it was rain and the intense early morning storms or the high temperatures, several central Ohio schools made adjustments due to Thursday’s weather.

Students remained at home as classes at Thomas Worthington High School were canceled. The early morning rain led to flooding in the school’s basement.

“It occurred a lot like a flash flood would occur, so we had water come in really quickly with some mud and then it immediately started receding,” said Pete Scully, Principal of Thomas Worthington High School.

Scully estimated at its highest, there were two to four inches of water in parts of the basement. He said every classroom on that level had water and mud in them.

“There’s personal loss when you have this flood and some of the stuff you’ve planned and done ends up getting ruined or damaged or you have to clean it again or redo it, so we definitely don’t minimize that aspect of it.” Scully said.

It is not the first time the basement has flooded. Classes were canceled due to the ongoing construction of the new school; there was not enough space to move students to, according to Scully.

“While we weren’t anticipating the rain at the level and the flood at the level we got, what’s important for us is knowing it can happen and having a plan, so that’s where we are,” Scully said. “We worked this morning to come up with an alternate plan for kids so if this were to happen again, we have places for them that we can communicate quickly and pivot instead of canceling school.”

While it hasn’t been determined if the basement classrooms will be used Friday, Scully said classes will be in session.

Thomas Worthington High School was not the only central Ohio school which made changes due to the weather. Southwestern City Schools closed two schools because of power outages. Hilliard canceled outdoor middle school sports and did not allow high school sports outside until after 7 p.m. due to heat concerns. Lancaster High School let out early, also because of the high temperatures.