COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – After a week in Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Troy Scowden is back at home. The sophomore Buckeye Valley High varsity basketball player was seriously injured during last Friday’s game.

“I didn’t think he was going to walk again,” said April Scowden, Troy’s mother.

He went up for a dunk but came down hard on his head and neck. He then had a seizure for about 45 seconds. April announced the home games so she was there when the injury happened.

“You don’t go to a basketball game and expect to see what everyone witnessed that night,” she said. “It was traumatizing not only to us as parents but everyone there.”

Troy’s head coach, Andy Gast, says it’s the worst thing he has ever seen on a basketball court.

“Definitely the most scary situation I’ve ever been involved in as a coach and witnessing something like that,” he said.

April says a doctor and nurse who were also in the stands started helping her son right away. At first the 16-year-old was in the ICU, unable to eat. After he was let out of the ICU people were allowed to visit him. On Thursday, some of his coaches and teammates visited him, not expecting they’d get to see him leave the hospital too.

“It’s an amazing feeling being here tonight and being able to witness him walk out of the hospital,” said Gast.

He’s been getting 10 to 15 messages a day from coaches around the state checking in on Scowden. Doctors expect he will make a full recovery. April says the outpouring of support has been extremely helpful.

“Words just don’t express how grateful we are and to be able to go home and start back to normalcy,” she said.

Scowden’s parents have been at the hospital with him throughout the entire ordeal.

“He just wants to be on the court with his buddies. He loves the game and he can’t wait to get back,” said April.

The injury will have him sidelined the rest of this season but he will be able to be back out on the court with his teammates. He asked the surgeon if he could go to the team’s next game on Saturday at least to be with the team. The surgeon said yes.