COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A recent study found that Ohioans are least likely to be affected by mold in the United States. 

Compare the Market compared monthly Google search volumes on “damp-related problems” across the U.S. to discover which states are the most affected by mold.

Ohio ranked as the least moldy state in the country. Ohio was followed by Michigan, Wisconsin and Texas in the list of states least affected by mold.

The moldiest states in the U.S. include Hawaii, followed by Louisiana, Vermont and Wyoming, according to the study. 

The warm temperatures and humidity in Hawaii and Louisiana make the states an ideal place for mold to grow. Although, northern states that are ranked as highly moldy, like Vermont and Wyoming, show mold can still grow in colder climates.

Mold, caused by dampness and ventilation problems, can lead to damaged property or health issues. 

In order to prevent mold in homes, Compare the Market AU recommends keeping humidity levels below 50%, by running air conditioning or investing in a dehumidifier. 

The website also recommends regularly checking for water leaks, especially under washing machines and dishwashers, and behind toilets and sinks. 

Hanging wet laundry on a clothes horse indoors can cause mold, so using a tumble dryer or drying laundry outdoors can also help prevent mold.