COLUMBUS (WCMH) – If you’re thinking about helping to “Stuff the Backpack”  or going back-to-school shopping, now is the time to do it.

Clothing $75 per item or less, school supplies $20 per item or less and instructional material $20 per item or less are all sales tax-free through Sunday, August 5th.

Families are already hitting the stores and saving money.

“It’s a perfect time for them to get prepared and school starts in less than a week, so they’re excited. She’s been up since 7 am just trying to get everything ready,” said parent Taqdees Khan. “We like having no tax today.”

Teacher and parent Wyk McGowan said it’s a helpful discount.

“Both my wife and I teach in Columbus City Schools and a lot of our kids to come to school and they don’t have the supplies that they need,” he said. “I always buy an extra 50 notebooks, just so the kids can have them.”

It’s savings that helps make sure teachers and parents start the school year off right with their kids.

“You save about 7% and as a teacher, we tend to spend my wife and combined close to $1,000 a year for supplies for school,” said McGowan.

On top of the sales tax holiday, stores have plenty of deals on back-to-school supplies and clothing. CLICK HERE for a full list.