LANCASTER, Ohio (WCMH) — Hundreds of business and homeowners stuff and set scarecrows along sidewalks throughout Fairfield County. The idea came from the county visitors and convention bureau.

“This is something people can just, a project people can really just grab a hold of,” said Fairfield County Visitor and Convention Bureau Marketing Director Fran Tiburzio. “Some of the scarecrows are really elaborate, some are really simple. Everybody can participate.”

The hope is that people come out, download the app for their phone and walk around the 14 participating towns and vote on 280 scarecrows. Obviously, the bigger goal is to get people into the businesses and support the local economy.

You will meet people like Beth Brumbaugh. She and her husband Jamie serve food at JB’s Downtown Grill.

“This scarecrow trail has been so awesome because so many different people have participated throughout the county and it’s just fun to see what people come up with,” said Brumbaugh while stuffing a shirt full of straw at the curb outside her restaurant. “You can see our neighbor has three little scarecrows over here and we’ve got one gigantic one. You just never what you’re going to see. It’s super fun.”

From choirs performing “This is the Day” in front of the United Methodist Church to Minions scaling an office building, there are more than 280 scarecrows to visit.

Visitors can download the app, which will help you check-in when they are within 50 feet of a scarecrow and then you can vote on them. The tour lasts the rest of October.