COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — In less than 100 days, you will vote for statewide representation like governor and U.S. senator. Republican J.D. Vance and Democrat Tim Ryan are both making their run for that senator’s seat.

Recent polls show Ryan pulling ahead of Vance. This week, Vance launched his first campaign TV advertisement and said he will continue building momentum in the days leading up to the November election. Ryan said his lead in the polls won’t slow his campaigning.

“I’m running an American campaign for America and Ohioans,” Ryan said. “And I think people are tired of trying to put people in a box or politicians thinking they can only be in one box or another.”

A point both candidates agree on is the recently passed PACT Act by the U.S. Senate to address healthcare for veterans exposed to toxins while serving.

“The specific legislation — I’d be lying if I said I know anything about it other than it takes care of veterans,” Vance said. “Which sounds like a good idea to me.”

“He didn’t know about the burns pit legislation which, to me, is an absolute disqualifier,” Ryan said. “This burns pit legislation has been on the agenda for two years.”

Despite rhetoric from each side, both candidates say they are confident in their campaign.

“Tim Ryan is running the biggest gaslighting campaign maybe in the history of American politics,” Vance said. “And all we have to do is tell the truth about him and we’re going to win this race.”

“I will beat J.D. Vance by leaps and bounds because he’s a California guy supported by a California billionaire,” Ryan said. “And clearly doesn’t like Ohioans because he hasn’t been around.”

Vance is not currently in office and Ryan is not running for re-election in the U.S. House, so whoever does not win this senate race will not have a position in Ohio politics.