CHILLICOTHE, Ohio (WCMH) — A Ross County Sheriff’s deputy mistakenly yelled at an armed man not to drop his weapon moments before an exchange of gunfire.

A four-minute video from another deputy’s body-worn camera was released Friday by the Ross County Sheriff’s Office, one day after a man got into a confrontation with deputies.

“Do not!” the deputy yelled at the man.

“Do not what?” the man said in response.

“Do not let go of that gun!” the deputy said, before correcting himself. “No, let go of that gun.”

Gunfire began almost immediately after.

The man’s identity has not been released. The sheriff’s office said he was taken to a Columbus hospital and is expected to recover. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is looking into the incident, as it regularly does with shootings involving law enforcement agencies in the state.

Deputies were called out about 1 p.m. to Atlantis Road, in a neighborhood northwest of Chillicothe, on a report of a man who had shot himself. The body-worn camera footage was from a female deputy, and the video began with her and a male deputy being allowed into a home.

The two were shown down a hallway, where the man was on the floor and another person was in the room with him. Deputies instructed the other man to leave. As he did, deputies reacted to the man on the floor having a gun. They drew their weapons and instructed him repeatedly to put his gun down.

The female deputy stepped back into a hallway and switched out her weapon for a stun gun. After the male deputy corrected himself, his weapon and the stun gun were deployed nearly simultaneously. The angle of the body-worn camera left it unclear how many shots the man on the floor took, if any.

After the gunfire, the deputies entered the room and cuffed the man. Before the video ended, the male deputy started to cut off the man’s clothing, apparently to check for injuries.

The identities of the deputies have not been released, and in the footage, the faces of the deputies, the man and others in the house were all redacted. The Ross County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately offer a reason for redacting the faces of the deputies.

It remains unclear how many times the man was struck by gunfire, either from his weapon or from any of the deputy’s, or where he was injured.