REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio (WCMH)–In a letter published on its website, Reynoldsburg City Schools announced that the bus schedule will be altered for Friday, Dec, 10.

“You have probably heard by now that there is a national shortage of bus drivers, which is affecting transportation to schools in districts across the country. Many of our neighboring districts in Franklin County have been on early dismissal or remote learning to accommodate for the shortage of drivers needed to transport students to and from school safely,” wrote Chris Reed who is the Executive Director of Business at Reynoldsburg City Schools.

The new schedule will be as follows:

  • Buses will only be transporting Elementary and Middle School students to and from school.
  • Preschool will be closed. 
  • High School students at both campuses will participate in asynchronous learning.
    • High School students who need to make up state testing and can provide their own transportation are allowed to come to school to take their tests; students needing to make up testing who cannot provide their own transportation will have the opportunity to take the state assessments next week.
  • Students who attend Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Centers will report to RHS’ Livingston Campus where they will be transported to the career centers.

The letter only stated the changes are only for Dec. 10 and did note that any further changes would be announced. You can read the entire letter and find future updates at this link: