REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio (WCMH) — Transportation woes continue to haunt Reynoldsburg City Schools — forcing all schools to go remote at least once this week.

A bus driver shortage that at first impacted only elementary schools has spread to the rest of the district. Now, all of the district’s schools will be remote at least one day this week, with high schools facing three remote learning days.

Reynoldsburg Mayor Joe Begeny told NBC4 the bus shortages’ impact extends far beyond school grounds.

“You’re also looking at childcare issues, you’re looking at work related issues and then the rest of it,” Begeny said. “The city is only as strong and successful as our school district, and our school district is only as strong as our city,”

Begeny said the city is encouraging municipal workers with commercial driver’s licenses to apply and help out in some capacity.

“We’re hoping to get a couple of them — if anything, just one or two drivers could make the difference between a school staying open and a school being closed for the day,” said Begeny.

It’s what Reynoldsburg resident Khina Dhunzyel would like to see as well.

She has three children — aged 5, 9 and 12 — and remote learning is on their schedules this week.

Dhunzyel said remote learning is difficult to adjust to, but she’s thankful she has family close by to help.

“My cousin, my brother, my mom, my relatives they take care of us,” Dhunzyel said.

Dhunzyel, who works full time, says remote learning is difficult for her immediate family…and is thankful for help close by.

“My cousin, my brother, my mom, my relatives they take care of us,” she said.

A spokesperson for Reynoldsburg City Schools said the district will let families know if remote learning will be extended into next week.

Some may ask why not leave schools open for in person learning and ask parents to carpool.

There are very strict rules when it comes to Ohio Revised and Administrative codes. The district is obligated to transport students who are eligible for buses.

Along with that, Reynoldsburg city schools says there would be an equity issues for students who do not have a ride to school, and it would be difficult for staff to teach students in person and at home at the same time.

The district posts transportation updates on its website.