REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio (WCMH) — A Reynoldsburg family is asking for answers as a teen recovers from being hit by a van, which then sped away from the scene.

It’s been more than a month since Kaden Goodman was hit on Livingston Avenue near the Lucks Road intersection. His mother worries the case has gone cold.

Joey Goodman was awakened by a knock on her front door on Oct. 3 at 2:30 a.m.

“(A police officer was) asking if our son was Kaden Goodman and we said, ‘Yeah.’ They said he was at Mt. Carmel East,” Joey Goodman said. “He had just got hit by a car.”

Kaden, 13 at the time, was spending the night at a friend’s house. They were out riding their bikes later than they should have been.

When Goodman found Kaden in the hospital, he was unconscious and hooked up to a ventilator. His face was severely bruised and swollen.

“I lost it,” she said. “It was very devastating. He didn’t look like my son at all.”

Kaden, who was transferred to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, suffered multiple fractures all over his head and face. According to his mother, he needed plastic surgery to reattach a torn eyelid. The teen underwent physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy before he was released from the hospital on Oct. 21, his 14th birthday.

Now in his first week back in school, Goodman said her son is happy to be around his friends and teachers, though he gets tired more easily. He still attends speech therapy once a week.

“He can’t remember the accident, but I mean, he’s still my same little boy,” Goodman said. “I just love him so much.”

Even though Kaden is well on his way to recovery, there’s still that question of closure.

“It’s hard every day,” Goodman said. “I keep reliving what happened, and it hurts. It really hurts.”

The person who hit Kaden and drove away is still out there. Sgt. Brice Nihiser with the Ohio State Highway Patrol said troopers are doing what they can to find that driver.

“We’re still looking for leads,” Nihiser said. “We’re still looking for input because, at this point, the leads that we do have are starting to run out.”

Nihiser shared images from surveillance cameras near the scene of the crash, showing a white van, blurred as it sped away.

“We want to get those answers for the victim and their families,” Nihiser said.

“I really hope that we do catch you,” Goodman said of the person who hit Kaden. “You deserve the time that you get because you do not run away from something like that. A horrible person does that.”

Anyone with information that can help investigators is asked to call the OSHP Columbus Post at 614-387-6112.