REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio (WCMH) — Reynoldsburg City School District said it has a plan to make sure every student will be learning in the classroom by January, but it comes with some major changes.

All 8,000-plus students in the district have been taking turns learning online at home because of the bus driver shortage in the district, and that remote learning schedule will be in place for the next month and a half.

Kyle Andrick has two kids in the Reynoldsburg City School District. Out of the five-day school week, there are four days of remote learning at home between his two kids.

“I think there’s a lot of strain on the teachers, on the bus drivers, on custodians — there’s a lot of people it affects,” Andrick said.

That’s how he feels about the plan the district announced Tuesday to get kids back in school. Starting in January, the district will shift start and end times for select school buildings. The district said the time changes will allow transportation to adjust route times and ensure all kids will be back in the classroom.

“I think that this is obviously a better solution than having kids learn at home, but it’s obviously, I don’t think it is a long-term solution,” parent Lindsay Rice said.

Interim Superintendent Dr. Jocelyn Cosgrave spoke about the plan at Tuesday’s board of education meeting, saying it is the only option Reynoldsburg has right now.

“I was not happy with this plan, but what makes me less happy is that we continue to have children like my own son and the children of the people of the board up here and all the people in the audience every single day trying to get on a remote learning instructional period,” she said.

Some teachers spoke out against the plan at the meeting, with one saying, “In short, it is disrespectful to teachers as professional stakeholders in this district who deserve to have a chance to comment and discuss plans that affect us and students most directly before they are finalized and seemingly set in stone.”

As for Andrick, remote learning means he can’t work. His first grader needs help logging into Zoom classes and staying on top of schoolwork.

“I have to help him and pretty much you have to be right over top of him to make sure it goes OK,” Andrick said. “It’s very hard to get anything done or, if you work from home, it makes it very difficult to be able to work and manage that at the same time.”

A spokesperson with Reynoldsburg City Schools said the district is hoping to have six new bus drivers available and hired in the coming weeks.

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