REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio (WCMH) — A new youth athletic facility is coming to central Ohio.

The complex, which will sit at the corner of Main Street and Hanson Street in Reynoldsburg, was first the idea of The Center Ice Foundation.

“The Center Ice Foundation is a group of hockey moms and dads that got together, identified a need for really underserved youth sports in the area and started with this vision of bringing this youth sports destination to this area,” said Bob McElheney, the executive vice president of the nonprofit organization.

The facility will include two sheets of ice for a variety of ice sports and a field house for several different sports that can be played on turf. The plan also calls for a hotel, restaurants, and office space on the property.

“In the region, specifically, this is something that doesn’t exist really in a multi-state area where you can go and play hockey and play football and grab a bite to eat,” McElheney said. “Really, it’s a destination and that’s something that doesn’t exist around here and like I said, even in the region.”

Reynoldsburg Mayor Joe Begeny said he expects the economic impact of the facility to be significant. He also says it could help Reynoldsburg City Schools, as well.

“We’re going to actually try and establish not only a lacrosse team for the school district but also bring hockey to the high school level here on the east side with our very own Reynoldsburg Raider hockey team,” he said.

According to McElheney, the hope is for the complex to be open in 2023.