GAHANNA, OH (WCMH) – There was confusion among some voters when they got to the polls on Tuesday. 

Some arrived at their polling location, only to find out they were ineligible to vote because they don’t live in the 12th congressional district. There was a lot of disappointment for those who had to be turned away. 

“I was dying to vote,” said Gahanna resident Joe Schneider. “I live less than a mile away from here and I can’t even vote in this election.”

Schneider came to his regular polling location at Center Point Church, only to find out he lives in the 3rd congressional district. 

“Looking at the way they’ve got these districts, it’s ridiculous,” he said. “How can you split Gahanna the way it’s split? There’s like one little sliver inside that’s 12 and the rest is 3. It makes no sense.”

One after another the poll manager, Brad Griffith, showed people the maps and explained the district boundaries. 

“I’m just a few feet out of the line of district 12. I’m in district 3, which I wasn’t quite sure on the maps I was looking at,” said Michelle Lind. “I was disappointed, but there’s nothing I can do about it.”

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