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Residents of senior apartments suffer through heat without power

 COLUMBUS (WCMH) -- Many seniors living in two apartments in the Mount Vernon neighborhood just blocks away from each other were left without any electricity on one of the hottest days this summer. 

“I'm just fed up. I had to walk down nine flights of stairs. I'm a disabled vet and when I got down to the bottom I couldn't stand up,” said Terrell Carter, a resident at Latitude Five25 Apartments.

Carter says he walked down nine flights of stairs this morning after learning that the electricity in the Latitude Five5 apartment building was out. 

“I don't know what to do,” said Carter.

This dilemma on top of not having any air conditioning or hot water for the past six days. 

“We have complained and they keep telling us that they're working on it but I look every day and I don't see anybody doing anything,” said Carter.

Like many people, he comes out to his car just to cool off.  Now he's joined by his friend who's in the same dilemma living in the apartments three blocks away. 

The Columbus Fire Department was called to the Mount Vernon Plaza Apartments after people on the elevator got stuck because of the electricity outage. 

“I might have suffocated if I had not gotten off that elevator. The fire department did show up and they were on each floor,” said Michael Smith, a resident at the Mount Vernon Plaza Complex.  

Columbus fire says more than a dozen fire runs have been made to Mount Vernon Plaza today, with six transports to the hospital.

At Latitude Five25 firefighters took one woman to the hospital after she had a seizure. 

Those with family in both apartments have been driving by to check on their loved ones. 

“My concern is that these people that this building is 62 and up. There are some people outside but there are so many people still inside that can't get out,” said Linda Roby whose aunt lives in Mount Vernon Plaza.


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