Registration is now open for the 27th annual Komen Columbus Race for the Cure.

This year, the woman representing the organization as honorary race chair is 32 years old and dealing with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer.

Tori Geib is hoping to bring attention to the problem of younger people being diagnosed with breast cancer and the need for more funding and research.

“Mine was totally found on a fluke,” Geib said. “I was too young to do mammograms. And I thought I was laying on my cellphone and reached over and found a lump.”

Geib found the lump the week of her 30th birthday.

“I had back pain for about a year, so once we checked the lump and found that it was cancer, they looked at my back with a CAT scan and found some lesions,” Geib said.

Geib was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer that had spread to her spine, liver and lungs. She’s 32 now and facing a terminal illness.

“I will be going through treatment the rest of my life,” Geib said. “Kind of the end of treatment for a metastatic patient is typically going into hospice.”

She noted that when she was first diagnosed she assumed her breast cancer was curable.

“I thought, you know, you did a year of treatment and then you were done,” Geib said. “You might have lost your hair or gone through some really horrible treatment, but you were done after a while.”

As the new honorary race chair for this year’s Komen Columbus Race for the Cure, Geib hopes to use her platform to draw attention to young people getting diagnosed with metastatic cancer and the need to research not only breast cancer itself but how it can morph and metastasize.

“We’re so excited” to have Geib as the race chair, said Katie Carter, the executive director of Komen Columbus. “She’s just a true champion of not only breast cancer but an advocate and really fighting for women everywhere that are dealing with breast cancer.”

For Geib, that includes a growing number of young women, like herself.

She noted that Ohio has a high rate of mortality when it comes to young women and metastatic breast cancer.

“That’s not something that any of us are willing to accept and we want to live long lives with this disease,” Geib said.

This year’s Komen Columbus Race for the Cure takes place on May 18.