COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The top 25 homes sold in Franklin County in March each went for $1 million or more, including a top 10 that saw all properties sell for more than $1.3 million.

NBC4 analyzed daily property sale records from the Franklin County auditor’s office and filtered for “one-family dwellings” so as not to include things like apartments, duplexes, or unrelated land purchases.

Excluding transfers for $0, 1,683 single-family home purchases were made in Franklin County last month. The average price was $285,916 and the median price was $244,770.

The 10 most expensive homes sold in Franklin County last month

10. This home at 1995 Belgrave Drive in Columbus sold for $1,375,000 on March 21.

9. This home at 2334 Boston Ave. in Bexley sold for $1,475,000 on March 28.

8. This home at 5100 Lockbourne Road in Hamilton Township was among five parcels sold for $1,496,675 total on March 17.

7. This home at 640 Mohawk St. in Columbus sold for $1,625,000 on March 15.

6. This home at 2440 Southway Drive in Upper Arlington sold for $1,650,000 on March 9.

5. This home at 2301 Brixton Road in Upper Arlington sold for $1.7 million on March 17.

4. This home at 10913 Johnstown Road in New Albany sold for $1,760,000 on March 18.

3. This home at 3 Hawksmoor Drive in New Albany sold for $1,915,000 on March 10.

2. This home at 7574 Fenway Road in New Albany sold for $2,176,000 on March 30.

1. This home at 1250 Lockhurst Ave. in Columbus was among 10 parcels that sold for $5.5 million total on March 2.