COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The top 10 homes sold in Delaware County in March each went for more than $850,000.

NBC4 analyzed daily property sale records from the Delaware County auditor’s office and filtered for “one-family dwellings” so as not to include things like apartments, duplexes, or unrelated land purchases.

Excluding transfers for $0, 215 single-family home purchases were made in Delaware County last month. The average price was $455,304 and the median price was $415,000.

The 10 most expensive homes sold in Delaware County last month

Note: Homes for which photos are unavailable from the county auditor’s office are accompanied by screenshots of their listing on

10. This home at 6613 Raynor Court in Dublin sold for $855,000 on March 11.

9. This home at 11244 Orchard Road in Galena sold for $875,000 on March 11.

8. This home at 5329 Schuette Drive in Powell sold for $925,000 on March 30.

7. A home sitting on 1.3 acres on Ross Road in Sunbury sold for $950,000 on March 30. The auditor’s office does not list an address, but it was built in 1979 and has one story, two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

6. This home at 4715 North Shore Drive in Westerville sold for $975,000 on March 18.

5. This home at 9367 Waterford Drive in Powell sold for $1,036,000 on March 16.

4. This home at 3919 Africa Road in Galena sold for $1,195,000 on March 23.

3. This home at 1870 Wingate Drive in Delaware sold for $1,252,000 on March 3.

2. This home at 4459 Green-Cook Road in Westerville sold for $1,840,000 on March 31.

1. This 99-acre lot at 3139 Sunbury Road in Galena sold for $2,478,000 on March 24. Its land use is categorized for single-family homes of less than 10 acres each.