COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A little bit of history and a lot of posh combine into a $1.55 million listing price for a three-bedroom condominium across the street from Goodale Park.

The home features a three-floor elevator, and there’s a whole-house sound system that includes the rooftop lounge with space for dining and park views.

The land at 110 Buttles originally was part of the property of the house next door, 114 Buttles. An attorney who later became a federal court judge built that house and owned the lots, said Sotheby’s realtor Shawn Redman, who is handling the condo’s sale.

After the judge’s death, 114 Buttles passed into the hands of a psychiatrist, who ran it as a clinic for many years. Deep-sea treasure hunter Tommy Thompson acquired it in 1983. Thompson is known for finding the S.S. Central America, the “Ship of Gold,” in 1988, and for being involved in a long-running lawsuit stemming from the discovery in more recent years.

The current owner of 110 Buttles purchased the property from Thompson’s estate in 1999.

“The property was originally part of this house next door [114 Buttles], which was, from 1938 to 1983, was a psychiatric hospital, and then later just offices for local psychiatrists,” Redman said.

“In 1983, Tommy Thompson, the infamous underwater explorer, purchased the property from the Watson family. [Thompson] owned it until 1999, when my owner of this unit bought the property from him and later developed these eight brownstones.”

The owner of 110 Buttles finished developing the eight condominiums in 2004 and took the end unit for his own. The original house at 114 Buttles still stands.

The condominium consists of the main level, an upper level, a finished lower level, and a rooftop deck, with about 2,900 square feet. It also includes a patio to the rear that connects the garage for entertaining space on the ground level.

An artist designed the kitchen, which has bamboo cabinets and concrete counters, incorporating texture into a sleek design.

Double glass-paneled doors open onto a patio with a travertine floor. There are four parking spaces in the back and two enclosed by the garage.