COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Columbus has been ranked among the top 10 U.S. cities where homes are selling the fastest.

In a study from online bank Tangerine, data analyzed from Zillow shows the Columbus housing market is ranked tenth in the nation based on the number days it takes to sell a home. To reach an average total of days a sale is being made in each city, Tangerine combined two numbers: Days to pending and days to close. Days to pending refers to how long until an offer is accepted, and days to close refers to how long it takes to close the sale.

Columbus marked an average of 13.14 days for an offer to be accepted and 33.69 days to close the sale, with the average sale being made in 46.84 days. Salt Lake City came in second with 42.24 days and Ogden, Utah, came in fifth with 43.85 days. Rounding out the top ten was Colorado Springs in sixth, San Diego in seventh, Vallejo in eighth and Fort Wayne in ninth.

The study found homes are selling the fastest in the Washington state city of Seattle, where it only takes 12 days for an offer to be accepted and 29.92 days to close the sale, with the average sale being made in 41.92 days. Washington state overall was the state where homes sell the fastest, with two other cities in the top five. Olympia was ranked third with an average of 42.41 days, and Bremerton was fourth with 43.60 days.

“With the majority of the list being taken by states like California, Washington and Utah, it’s clear that there is lots of demand for housing in the west of the nation, more specifically the west coast,” a spokesperson for Tangerine said in a release. “In some cities, it takes less than two weeks for sellers to get a reasonable offer, potentially meaning that residents of these areas want to sell up quickly or are just met with an offer they like in less time.”