COLUMBUS (WCMH)- After more than four years of grieving and fighting, the family of Reagan Tokes is hopeful changes will be made to Ohio’s laws.

“There is no question, we would be celebrating Reagan’s 26th birthday with her in the flesh this coming Saturday had this legislation been in place,” said Lisa McCrary-Tokes, Reagan’s mother.

Back in 2017, Tokes was abducted, raped and murdered by Brian Golsby. Golsby was on parole at the time and wearing an ankle monitor. He committed several violent crimes in the days leading up to Tokes’ murder.

“It was like at every single turn he just kept slipping through the cracks,” said Rep. Kristin Boggs, (D) Columbus.

Now, for a third time the Reagan Tokes Act is being introduced. The first time it was referred to a working group by Governor Mike DeWine, the second time was derailed due to COVID-19.

“If you go up to anyone on the street, they think these policies exist already. They think their taxes are paying for this type of protection and this type of monitoring,” said Rep. Boggs.

The bill would among other things: Require the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction to create a maximum workload for parole officers, require DRC to create and recommend a reentry program for violent and dangerous felons, require every GPS monitor assigned to an offender to have an inclusionary restriction, and provide law enforcement with real time access to GPS information without having to request a subpoena.

“Ohio clearly needs to better manage the re-entry of dangerous individuals into society,” remarked Rep. Rick Carfagna, (R) Genoa Township. “In addition to providing law enforcement with real-time access to GPS information, it’s also crucial that we ensure parole officer workloads are reasonable and allow for the proper levels of monitoring.”

Reagan’s mother knows this bill won’t bring her daughter back but she says it’s important that this doesn’t happen to another family.

“It will not bring Reagan back but knowing that it will prevent a similar situation like hers from occurring again definitely is very important to us as a family,” said McCrary-Tokes.