COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The jack o’lantern has been an integral part of Halloween activities for centuries. Locally, we have one pumpkin carving connoisseur who is carving his place in history one pumpkin at a time.

“To be on this TV show is absolutely amazing.”

Brian “Tator” Edwards made his second Food Network debut Sunday night on Halloween Wars. He is thrilled to be back on the show and give it another try. The team that wins takes home bragging rights, and $50,000.

Brian explains that he started “carving fruit” as a way to pick up women and now a decade later, he can’t believe he’s carving on a major TV show.

He also carves ice along with fruit but says pumpkins “are where it’s at.”

“Pumpkin, you can sit by yourself and just start carving away and cutting it up,” explained Edwards.

When asked where he got the nickname “Tator” and if it was because he liked tater tots growing up, Edwards said that while he loves tots, that wasn’t where the name came from.

“It was actually the shape of my head,” joked Edwards. “It was shaped like a tater tot.”

He quietly started talking to his pumpkin, explaining he was listening to his pumpkin.

“Every pumpkin you can look at it and see what it wants to be before you start carving,” Edwards said.

This is why he also calls himself the “pumpkin whisperer.”

For anyone who wants to learn how to carve, he says that getting the right tools are key. He also explained that the nose is a great place to start. 

“From there, it’s all about step by step pushing pieces back into the pumpkin,” noted Edwards.

You can catch “Tator” every Sunday at 9 p.m. on Food Network.